Hello and welcome to Leaping Cats!!

I’m a cat lover – I have six cats – and I get endless joy from watching them play.

Here’s Stripey, one of my “family” members, enjoying a well-earned rest.

My cats are the center of my home – something I’m sure you can relate to as a fellow cat-parent.

Like every cat-obsessed human, I want to make sure they’re mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy so that they can lead long and happy lives.

So I set out to find the best cat accessories to do just that.

This website documents my hunt to answer the timeless questions like:

  • How can I channel my cats’ energies into something less destructive than my couch or curtains?
  • Why do my cats insist on drinking from the tap, and what should I do about it?

So I decided to search for a way to channel all that energy away from my belongings and furniture and into something just a little less destructive.

My hunt for answers is documented here.

I’m happy to share the insight into some of these cat mysteries, as well as lay out my research and reviews into the best products to ensure the comfort, health, and happiness of your furry feline friends.

If you’d like to learn what I discovered, here are some good places to start:

Cat Tree Buying Guide

Cat entertainment centers, cat shelves, cat hammocks – you name it, I’ve checked it out! This buying guide looks at the very best cat furniture for cats of all shapes and sizes, answers your burning questions, and gives you my top picks for each type.

Cat Tree In-Depth Reviews

Need a little more info? In my cat tree reviews, I delve more deeply into specific products, giving you the pros and cons of each.

Cat Water Fountain Buying Guide

Ceramic, stainless steel, plastic, multi-tier, free-flow – what’s best for your kitty? My cat water fountain buying guide complete with cat fountain reviews will help you choose the best cat drinking fountain for your precious feline to keep them healthy, hydrated, and stimulated.

Cat Blog

Cats are fascinating creatures, and I love learning everything I can to understand my little cat family better! Join me in my blog for stories, insights, and education to help you bond with your little ball of fur.