Hello and welcome to Leaping Cats!

I’m a cat lover – I have six cats – and I get endless joy from watching them play.

Here’s Stripey, one of my “family” members. He needs exercise and I have every intention of making sure he gets some.

My other five share his temperament: they’re either fast asleep, or they’re whipping up a tornado that crashes glasses and shreds curtains.

Sound familiar?

So I decided to search for a way to channel all that energy away from my belongings and furniture and into something just a little less destructive.

My answer was… a cat tree!

After watching umpteen YouTube videos and silly clips on Facebook about cats having fun, I decided – maybe they were having fun. As they plummeted and soared from shelf to tunnel, they seemed occupied and content – and utterly disinterested in leaping over to my unprotected couch.

I was sold, and I was on the hunt.

That hunt is documented on this site, Leaping Cats, where I share my research with you on the best cat trees and cat shelves (and, why not, a few cat toys) on the market.

I’ve explored every possible kind: sturdy cat trees, cat furniture for large cats or for small cats, unique cat furniture, cheap cat towers or cat scratch pads. You name it, I looked at it.

In the end I focused on a few specific types of products, because they seemed not only to be the best but also those with the most variety.

  • The traditional cat tree, which comes in a range of “flavors” and is what I consider to be the Rolls-Royce of cat entertainment centers, as I like to call them – these have everything from tunnels to pads to shelves to carpet – true luxury: for your cat, it’s the equivalent of going to a posh resort – you’ll find them here
  • There are more compact options such as cat shelves or cat scratch pads, which may be perfect for you!
  • And I review the best of the best to give you an in-depth look at what’s available, what others like and what’s best for your cat