Hi and welcome to Leaping Cats. This site is run by two cat lovers: Leyla and Natalie.


While I might be tempted to describe myself as a cat lady, I’m not… really.

But I live in the countryside and have six cats, most of whom turned up unannounced on my doorstep one day. Where I live, sadly, few people get their cats neutered so kittens are abundant.

And let’s face it, I’m a softie – how do I turn down something that looks like this when she turns up?

Please meet… Eclipse, who came to visit during an eclipse – and stayed.

Confining cats to the house has its dangers, usually in the form of shredded curtains, eviscerated couches and ruined door frames.

My brother in Maryland has it even worse: he has brand new furniture and an indoor cat. You can see the urgent need for something to keep that kitten busy, right?

So how do you counteract those speedy little feet and sharp claws while keeping your felines alert and interested?

Sure, we can throw together a few discarded blankets and broken boxes, but my family – because that’s what they are – deserves better, both emotionally and physically, as well as for their own security.

You do need a solution because without one, your cat will find his or her own. My little Pretzel, who has sadly left us, thought the keyboard was hers. Eclipse now lives in the IN tray on my desk, helping me with my filing. And Cumin, my cunning little Siamese, is convinced that sitting on my purse – and clawing it to death – will give him superpowers.

I experimented with a variety of DYI solutions and after massive fails (I’m not great with anything sharp or pointed) I decided that if I wanted my cats to have the best, I’d have to give them the best.


Pumpkin was the kitten of a stray outdoor cat living on my uncle’s property. A tiny orange ball of fluff (who we found in October), my siblings and I thought we were so clever picking his name.

As a kitten, he was afraid of jumping off the couch and loved chasing his “mousies” around the house. “Monkey Love,” my sister’s stuffed animal, became his favorite prey in the house.

Throughout the years as the family moved, Pumpkin went from an outdoor-often cat to a completely indoor one. Admittedly, it wasn’t an easy transition, and the leather couches and mom’s dining room chairs paid for it! Keeping an active outdoor cat happy inside is hard work — but it’s not impossible!

We’d tried everything: Tape, squirt bottles, giving him a special cat bed and loading up on cat toys. But he needed the chance to roam and jump around like he could outdoors. That’s when the cat tree became the only logical solution to his need for exercise.

Our Mission

We hope these pages translate our love of cats and care for their comfort – and that they help you find the best cat tree money can buy. Your cat will thank you, your visitors will thank you, and your furniture will heave a sigh of relieve each time a cat flies by on its way to play.