Cat water dispensers are actually GOOD for their health

Cat water dispensers are not just luxuries for spoiled kitties; they can be essential in keeping your cat healthy, happy and stimulated. 

Have you ever noticed that your cat rarely deigns to drink from the water you lovingly supply in a dish every day? If so, you’re not alone. Many cats prefer to drink from a dirty rainwater puddle or lap at leftover shower water. Some may pester you to turn the faucet on when they are thirsty, while others may resort to climbing into the toilet bowl for a sip.

Best cat water fountains - not the water tap!
The last resort for a thirsty cat!

While this may just seem like more pampered, quirky cat behavior, there’s actually a good reason for this preference. From ancient feline instinct to clever cat logic – your cat knows what’s best for his or her health.

Here’s how a cat drinking fountain can improve the life of your favorite feline.

How much water do cats need every day?

Your average 10-pound housecat should consume about 7-10 ounces of water every day. However, it doesn’t all have to come in the form of water. Domestic cats descend from a common savannah-living wildcat that survived on rodents, lizards and small mammals; most of their fluid was sourced from the bodies of these creatures.

If you feed your cat canned food, they’ll need to drink less water. But if you provide them with dry kibble only, they will need to drink water to be adequately hydrated.

Why do cats prefer running water?

Survival instinct. Your cat’s desert-dwelling ancestors were savvy creatures. They knew that still water was likely to be stagnant and make them ill, so they drank from flowing water sources only. Your cat retains this ancient knowledge.

Taste. Cats are very sensitive to taste and smell. They may simply not like the water in the bowl. Maybe it’s tainted from the material of the container, contains subtle flavors out of the tap, or is simply not cool and fresh enough for their liking. Just like you and I, cats prefer fresh, cool, water that tastes good! The best cat water fountains contain filters that keep the water pure and tasty.

Discomfort. Comfort is a top priority for felines. Some cats may not like to hunch down to drink from a low bowl. If the dish is the wrong shape and pushes on their sensitive whiskers, it can also make them uncomfortable. Cat drinking fountains come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing your kitty to drink while standing, sitting or crouching.

Poor eyesight. Cats are natural hunters; they are designed to sense movement and have excellent hearing, but their close-up vision is not great. A bowl full of clear, still water is very hard to see for a cat. To test if there is water in the dish, they either have to put their foot in (thus dirtying said water) or stick their nose in and potentially get wet. Pet water fountains create movement and sound to attract your cat’s attention and remind them to drink.

Entertainment. Other than sleeping and eating, playing is a cat’s favorite pastime. Water fountains are enjoyable to watch, pleasant to drink from, and can even be fun to play with.

What are the health benefits of cat water fountains?

Adequate hydration is essential for optimal feline health. Water flushes toxins out of the body and keeps everything functioning well.

When cats fail to drink enough water, they can develop some very serious conditions, including urinary tract disease and bladder stones.

Dehydration over time can cause a build-up of urinary crystals, which eventually develop into stones that may block the urethra, a condition that can be life-threatening.

Kidney and urinary tract issues are surprisingly common in cats over eight years old. Encouraging your cat to drink enough fresh water may help reduce the chances of these issues developing.

Cat water fountains are not just luxury items for pampered kitties; they prompt your cat to drink, keeping your pet hydrated, which is essential for health. If your cat is a poor drinker or constantly “asks” you to turn on the faucet, a cat water dispenser may well be an essential purchase for your cat.

Note: While we are cat-lovers, we are not veterinarians; if your cat is suffering from any health problems, be sure to get appropriate medical advice from your local vet.