Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower Review






I’ve spent quite some time looking at the Refined Feline Lotus for two main reasons: first, it looks perfect, but second, it isn’t cheap – but it is an investment. I’ve come to the conclusion that although yes, it is costly, it appears to be worth every cent

This isn’t the cat tree for everyone. It is more targeted at the owner who values appearance and quality over some of the other elements. This is also for someone who has the space the Lotus requires. As you can see, it isn’t a shrinking violet. It is 69 inches tall, 20 inches wide and 20 inches deep. This means it doesn’t occupy much floor space but it is definitely tall enough to be noticed in a room (especially if it has several cats scurrying around it).

This is the ideal cat tree for a contemporary decor, its smooth modern lines projecting an esthetic image that is both elegant and practical.

What it does is combine that elegance with a highly practical item that provides a fine exercise treat for your cat. You’ll appreciate the way it looks, and your cat will appreciate how it makes him or her feel.

Here’s a TIP: To increase your cat’s fun element but retain that sleek, modern look, add the Refined Feline Lotus Branch Cat Shelf to your cat corner. This will give your cat a separate perch accessible from the top of your cat tower and rest, gazing at the world from above. Other add-on options include the CatastrophiCreations Sky Track Hammock and the CatastropiCreations Fabric Cat Maze. Both are wall-mounted and give your cat that extra “perching environment”. Result? Cat heaven!

While the Refined Feline Lotus is nearly perfect, here’s what you should know about it before you decide.


Like its name, it is stylish and elegant
It’s a piece of furniture in its own right
Plenty of details for your cat to expend energy
Incorporated scratching pad
Removeable brown Berber carpet on shelves for cleaning or eventual replacement
Tall perch to oversee the empire
Secluded and comfortable den at bottom with cushions (can be removed for cleaning)
Two colors, dark brown (Espresso) and Mahogany
Assembly tools provided


All this quality and practicality adds to the cost so this is a more expensive product
The scratching post is just a scratching pad, not as robust as some of the sisal-covered poles of the more traditional cat condos (that said, this makes it less messy for the owner)
Will take up some floor space (but only 20″ x 20″)
More esthetically pleasing but fewer exercise options than some traditional large cat trees

Still not 100% sure this item is for you? Have a closer look at this video.

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